What our Clients say

This camera is absolutely wonderful! From when I first opened the box I was very impressed with the packaging and the high quality of materials used to make this product. I could see that much thought and consideration was put into the design. The software installation was a breeze! Once I downloaded the app and turned on the camera, the app immediately recognized the camera and just a few simple steps later my camera was ready to work. I was also very happy to see that I had a few options for mounting the camera and what really made my day was that I was able to mount the camera without having to drill any permanent holes in the walls. (there is also the option to mount it via a screw and hanging it). Once the mount is secure on the wall, attaching the camera to it with the built-in magnet is easy and ball design allows you to adjust the camera angle or remove the camera at any given time. Immediately after I completed the setup and installation, I get real-time notifications when there is any motion detection. As long as I have a stable connection on my phone, I have the option to use the intercom function to speak to whoever is at my door. What I really like about the notification function is that I can go back and view screenshots as well as video. The quality of the picture and video is very good and the night vision function works incredibly well. I attached a picture to this review of my two dogs in a completely blacked out room. The waterproof design is also nice to have although it was not a necessity for me now, it may come in handy some day. I have used the camera indoors at times to check in on my dogs and now mostly use it for the front and rear entry to my house. Now what really surprised me most with this camera is the battery life. I was very skeptic to the claims made in the listing but now after nearly 6 weeks of daily usage and the battery indicator shows full bars! Well, color me impressed!!! Overall it is great for me to be able to see who is at my door, whether I am home or not.

--Alva Ono--

I love my YK camera! It was easy to install and get hooked up to my WiFi and phone for alerts. With no wires I am able to mount it anywhere.

--Amber Laha--

The camera looks great on the front of the house and it is high quality picture. I’ve had good cameras in the past( well I thought they wore good) until now. This camera is a cut above the rest. I use a few of their cameras and my girlfriend finds it easy to use as I work away. Over all a great camera

--Dewey Tetzlaff--

I set it up to watch the dog when I let him out to do his business in the winter time. Thanks to this camera, I know if he’s done everything he should, and when he’s ready to come back in. I don’t have to be outside with him the whole time, which is great since he likes to putz around a lot. I can also be doing my own tasks inside while he’s out there messing around, but still can keep an eye on him. I turned off the alarm and motion detection, because I don’t need it for this purpose. Since I’m not running either of those, the camera has been up for two weeks and the battery is still at 89%. I’m able to check in on my phone from anywhere; I don’t need to be connected to my home Wi-Fi in order to see the video. So far I love it! Update: Using it as I do, it’s now been up for a month in freezing temperatures and the battery is still at 70% (I have only charged it the initial charge when installing). I’ve had a few instances of failing to connect to the camera, saying the network is unstable, but it almost always works if I just try again.

--Lavina Wilderman--

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